Electronics Manufacturing

Let Ensil handle your next electronics manufacturing project! From printed circuit boards to custom prototypes, our engineers are ready for whatever you have in mind. Everything we produce meets even the strictest IPC standards without sacrificing form, function, or specifications. Our massive in-house inventory of electronic parts and components allows us to build your piece(s) quickly so we can test, inspect, and get them to you within the shortest possible lead time.
Electronics Manufacturing
Ensil employs many different engineering disciplines such as Electrical, Mechanical, Computer and Software Engineers in house to ensure that prior to the manufacturing process your design meets the required specifications and form and function.

What We’ll Need From You:
  • The anticipated size of your production run
  • Your timeline
  • Any existing drawings, schematics, or other documentation
  • Bill of Materials with part numbers and part descriptions
  • Required/desired testing procedures
  • Sample assembly, if available
  • Minimum acceptable quality standard (Our minimum is IPC-610B Class II)

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